ARRIIIIGHT: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Is About To Cop An Enormous 112-Song Soundtrack

We’re still in the middle of season seven, but already we’re looking ahead to the magnificent ‘Bob’s Burgers‘ sure-to-be glorious eighth season, which the show is currently preparing for ahead of a late-2017 premiere.
Until then, for those of you unwilling to get enough of the Belcher family, the show has casually cranked out what could possibly be the most complete audio accompaniment of any TV sitcom in history.
The show has revealed the frankly gargantuan ‘Bob’s Burgers Music Album‘: a comprehensive and very thorough collection of all the songs the show has put to air thus far in its 117+ episode history.
That equates to 112 songs. ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE.
The show is fairly well known for its jaunty little tunes, but this is the first time they’ve all been gathered together in the one collection. What’s more, they’ll all be appearing in original, unabridged format; free of the time constraints network TV otherwise puts on them.
What’s more, it’s not just the core cast of voice actors (like your H. Jon Benjamin‘s or your Kristen Schaal‘s or your Dan Mintz‘s or your Eugene Mirman‘s) doing the grunt work. Guest stars like Aziz Ansari, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Kline, Bill Hader, Zach Galifianakis, and Fred Armisen are all lending their glistening pipes to the works.
Even further still, the deluxe package of the album – which is all being handled by the iconic Sub Pop Records – not only features the full album on 3xLP, but it comes with a bonus 7″ featuring bands like The National, St. Vincent, and Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields covering bangers from the show.
The big banger deluxe edition comes with a bonus hardcover book featuring all the lyrics, a book of sheet music for all the tunes, and posters/stickers/other incredibly amazing awesome stuff.

We are not kidding when we say that whoever is responsible for putting this together can have every cent we have right now. It is unreal.
You can get across and pre-order the album, including the full 112-song track-listing, via Sub Pop’s webstore.
In the meantime, wrap your ears around The National and Låpsley covering ‘Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom.’

The whole shebang is set for release on May 12th. Hooley freakin’ dooley.
Source: Pitchfork.