ALRIIIIIIGHT: The ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Movie Had Its 2020 Release Date Confirmed

You might, quite rightfully, have been blinded by the literal mountain of Marvel films announced this morning in Disney‘s slate of upcoming film releases. But one little morsel of goodness tucked away in amongst the lot of them was a film we’d almost completely forgotten about somehow: The long-awaited Bob’s Burgers movie.

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Announced back in 2017 and then promptly lost in the shuffle, production on the big screen adaptation of the beloved Fox animated series has been steadily churning along for a while now. And in this morning’s Disney slate release, we finally got confirmation that not only is it still very much on the way, but it’s on the way soon.

The Disney slate confirmed the almost-forgotten movie will be arriving on July 17th, 2020. As in, next year. Just on 14 months from now. Oh boy.

As far as plot is concerned, show creator Loren Bouchard previously confirmed the movie will “scratch every itch the fans of the show have ever had,” and stated that the movie will be a musical comedy, with one minor subplot set to throw Louise and her nightlight Kuchi Kopi inside a fantasy world.

So there you have it folks: Not only is the Bob’s Burgers movie safe from the perils of the Disney/Fox acquisition, but it’s still very much on-track to arrive in cinemas next year.

Prepare accordingly.