There’s nothing quite like walking away with a cool $730,000 in prize money to throw a giant middle finger up at everyone who called you lazy.

That’s exactly what happened for underdog ‘The Block’ winners Tess & Luke, whose three-story terrace went for a whopping $630,000 over a $2.990 million reserve, with the couple picking up an extra $100,000 in prize money to boot.

It comes just weeks after the pair went rogue and slammed the show, accusing the producers of “bullying” and saying they wished they’d never signed up for it.

Speaking to Triple M Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning after their win was broadcast, the couple said that interview was a case of brutal honesty.

“We’ve been really raw, honest and real not only on the show but after. As you know there’s a life outside of reality TV. We went into this not expecting to win a cent, because if you do you’re a fool,” Tess said.

“We were painted as being lazy….I’ll pretty much do anything you want for $730,000.”

Tess added that they “absolutely wrote ourselves off” after their win, which is a massive vibe tbh.

In a seperate interview with Domain, they said all was forgiven with the lazy edit now they were walking away with three quarters of a million.

“We won the least amount of rooms so we were working with the least amount of budget,” Tess said.

The Queensland couple experienced an extraordinary run of bad luck on the show, as well as a few issues with money management – one of those ‘everything that could go wrong, did go wrong’ situations.

Their edit painted a picture of a ‘lazy’ couple who were the cause of their own undoing, a representation they slammed just weeks ago.

“We’re getting sick of how they’re editing us as being these big lazy pricks who don’t get off their arse and do a single thing. For some reason they’re just not showing us doing any of the work. We’re just getting painted as these lazy people and we’re bloody sick of it,” Luke told in an extraordinary, headline-making interview.

Tess added: “We’re pretty upset with how we’ve been painted — it’s all a lie.”

Now the couple is bloody laughing, walking away with the top prize after their three-bedder sold for more than the rest.

All the houses – each a three-story terrace in Melbourne’s St Kilda – were given a $2.990 million reserve. Runners up El’ise and Matt sold at $460,000 over reserve, followed by Andy and Deb at $430,000, Jesse and Mel at $388,000, and Mitch and Mark at $384,000.

Image: Nine Network