A Horny New Teaser For Big Brother Has Landed & It Looks Like There Will Be Doona Dancing A’Plenty

If you’ve been craving some chaotic reality TV then get ready for the return of Big Brother. A new trailer has dropped and it would appear as if the producers have been taking notes from Love Island and Married At First Sight, because it’s touted to be the “spiciest” season yet. Ok, I’m listening.

The new teaser gives us an insight into the season ahead with a bunch of sexy singles vying for the $100,000 grand prize and also a shot at love. Or at the very least an opportunity to rumble under the covers on national television.

Returning to Seven in November with host Sonia Kruger (extreme bombastic side eye) at the helm, we reckon the network is doing its darnedest to pull in viewers who prefer their reality TV shows with a healthy dose of drama, drama, dramaaaaa. Young, beautiful, single contestants will be locked in a house and tasked with challenges before facing elimination each week – it’s going to get hot and horny, folks.

This new look Big Brother is the latest shake up to the local franchise with the legacy reality TV show experiencing somewhat of a revival in 2020 when it returned with a more challenge-based gameplay. Since coming back from hiatus the show has by no means been a ratings hit for Seven but who knows maybe the secret sauce to pulling in big viewer numbers is to make things hornier. It is a tactic that has worked for literally every other reality series.

So, mark your calendars. The chaos will begin this November.