Meghan Markle And Beyoncé Finally Met, Also Two Other Blokes Were There

Beyoncé Meghan Markle

ICYMI, the remake of The Lion King is out this week and the entire world is losing their shit over it. To be fair, the OG Lion King is the greatest Disney movie in the history of cinema (my opinion only, come for me in the comments if you want) so the hype for the “live-action” version (which is still animated, but just with very real-looking lions) is REAL.

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Even actual royalty is frothing this remake, which is evident from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting all gussied up and leaving baby Archie back at the palace to attend the London premiere of the Lion King. While there, Harry and Meghan met fellow royalty, in the form of Beyoncé and Jay Z, and no set of photos / shoddily filmed Twitter content has ever been more important.

(Actually, I am personally really partial to that time that (Prince) Harry met Harry (Styles) at the premiere of Dunkirk in 2017, but even that comes a close second to the majesty of this 2019 encounter.)

Bit of background: Beyoncé has long been a supporter of Meghan’s, even referencing Megs in her BRIT Award acceptance speech and congratulating her after she announced her pregnancy:

And obviously Meghan has long been a supporter of Beyoncé, because lol who isn’t.

Anyway, the pair had never met until the Lion King premiere, so it was a beautiful moment. They even HUGGED, and I need to figure out how to go back in time and insert myself into the middle of this embrace because it is huge and warm and important. Check out the footage captured by Daily Mail correspondent Rebecca English:

Beyoncé legit looks so pumped to be meeting Meghan. I get a real kick out of that.

Here are some pics from the fateful meeting, including this one that makes it seem like Harry is saying to that bloke: “holy shit that’s like Beyoncé right THERE.”

Beyoncé Meghan Markle
Credit: Niklas Halle’n-WPA Pool/Getty Images

And in this one I like to think Meghan has just remembered what half the songs on Lemonade are about and she’s judging Jay Z HARD:

Credit: Niklas Halle’n-WPA Pool/Getty Images

And this one of everyone chatting away, apparently about babies because Meghan and Harry have a very fresh one and Bey / Jay have had a total of three.

Credit: Niklas Halle’n-WPA Pool/Getty Images

I’m hoping that Bey and Meg somehow exchanged sneaky details so they can be friends IRL now and not just on the red carpet.  You know, like these two obviously did: