Benson & Stabler’s Adorable Xmas Selfie Is Too Good & Pure For This World

IMHO, the greatest gifts that life ever gave us all, is 
1) SVU (Special Victims Unit) is BY FAR the greatestLaw and Order(no arguments, thanks), because it has the best opening narration and the cast is heaps better and
2) Elliott Stabler / Christopher Meloni and Olivia Benson / Mariska Hargitay have stayed good mates in real life and take heaps of cute photos and SQUEEEEEEEE IT IS THE BEST. 
So, as you might have guessed, Mariska and Chris had another wonderful catch up as IRL mates, and once again (probably because they know we all actually love it) they posted another adorable selfie. 

A photo posted by Chris Meloni (@chris_meloni) on

Chris originally posted the photo, with the simple caption, 
“Friends at Xmas.”
Mariska reposted the image, captioning her photo with a slew of hashtags:
“#ChrisMas #ChrisKringle #AVeryBenslerChristmas #TheChrisWhoStoleChristmas #HomeMeloni #HolidayClassics #BenslerTogether”
Look, we spent 12 long, heartwrenching seasons stanning these two, and it’s probably never gonna go away now, y’know. 
Better just accept it. DUN DUN. 
Source: Instagram / @chris_meloni.