We Regret To Inform You That Benny From Australian Survivor Absolutely Sucks Online

benny burdo australian survivor contestant

Fellow fans of Survivor, I deeply regret to inform you that the recently-voted-out Benny is not a good dude.

Following his elimination from the Brawn team on Sunday night in a blindside he did not see coming, 38-year-old LA-based entrepreneur Benny Burdo was revealed to have some pretty bloody questionable views on his personal social media.

Unlike other reality TV shows, Survivor contestants don’t seem to have to scrub their social media accounts clean before the show (nor are they managed during their time on the show), which means all of Benny’s posts before heading out the back of Cloncurry are still live. Across multiple posts and story highlights, Benny makes racist and homophobic remarks, and expresses pro-gun and anti-lockdown sentiments.

The posts – which span several years – include Benny using “gay” as a negative term multiple times, asking his friend to “say something in Asian”, rapping the n-word along to a Young Thug song, posting multiple photos glorifying guns, wearing a Native American headdress, and promoting #freechoice during American lockdowns –where he’s been living since late 2019.






Benny was voted out on Sunday night by the majority of the Brawn team, after spending the first week of the show flying largely under the radar.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Channel 10 about Benny’s social media content, but at the time of writing a statement had not been provided.

In even more upsetting news, it seems that Benny isn’t the only Survivor contestant this year with questionable views. Fan fave Daini Tuiqere (a.k.a. Big D) was posting Instagram stories from the lockdown protest in Sydney on the weekend.

Former Australian Survivor contestant Zach Kozyrski has also revealed himself to be part of the anti-lockdown fray, after being mercilessly called out by fellow former contestant Matt Tarrant on social media this week.

Not sure these blokes can outwit this one, to be honest.