The Brains Tribes’ Hayley Has Won Survivor 2021, So Now I Feel Better About Failing Year 9 P.E


After 48 days in the sweltering Australian outback, the winner of Australian Survivor is Hayley Leake from the Brains tribe.

The pain researcher from Sydney, played the perfect all-rounder game of physical strength, social play and strategic thinking. But her opponent George the cockroach from Bankstown was just as formidable, particularly in his strategic game.

However, that wasn’t enough and Hayley ended up taking out the title of sole Australian Survivor: Brains Vs Brawn. 

I would argue this year’s final two was one of the best in Australian Survivor history. Both made Survivor so entertaining to watch and were true game players, not relying on others to coast through.

In an absolutely nail-biting final ep, George, Hayley and Flick had to battle it out in what looked like a torture chamber from the Middle Ages with spikes above and below the players. Every so often, the top spikes would slowly lower, slightly crushing them beneath it. Yes, really.

Hayley like the true champ she is, smashed it and lasted in the makeshift torture chamber for over five hours. That then gave her the advantage to pick who she wanted to go up against in front of the jury. She, of course, picked George.

But judging by the way the jury reacted to both Survivor players, it seemed like George had burned a few too many bridges, despite giving an incredible opening pitch.

Honestly loved this season so much, and it was a welcome distraction from the lockdown hell Melbourne and Sydney have been in. Bring on Survivor 2o22!!!!