Aussie Hunk Of Spunk Ben Lawson Snuck A QLD Jersey Into Firefly Lane Bc Maroons Forever Right

If you, like the rest of the country, spent the weekend watching the new Netflix show Firefly Lane, you would have noticed two things: 1. incredibly hot Australian man Ben Lawson playing Johnny and somehow making a bad ’80s wig look criminally sexual and 2. said hottie casually wearing a vintage Queensland State of Origin jersey in one scene.

Maroons fans: they’re just unstoppable.

Anyway, it seems Brisbane-born Ben Lawson is so proud of this feat that he’s put it in his Instagram bio. Check it:


The jersey is not referred to at all in the show, he just wears it (very well, I might add) and then we move the fuck along. So for the average Australian Joe watching this very American show, it’s very funny to see a rogue Origin jumper pop up out of bloody nowhere.

In fact, if you go back through Lawson’s Instagram account (which I definitely did just to research this story and for no other purpose whatsoever, I swear) you’ll see that he posted about the jersey way back in 2019. 69 weeks ago, to be precise (he he he).

I mean, this man’s dedication to his art is second to none.

I did some digging around the Internet and came upon a Reddit thread that was discussing the sudden appearance of a vintage QLD jersey on a US Netflix show. One Redditor, nptoovey, claims to “know Ben from Uni” (ok, I’m jealous) and gives a bit of backstory as to how it all came to pass, saying that Ben Lawson told him:

“Yeah script said he’s lying around in trackies and an old sweater and I thought maybe I’ll suggest a footy jersey and I started thinking American teams and then I was like wait I’m Australian in this. Then I got online and started looking for a vintage one because the show is set 2003 and the jersey had to already be old by then. Happened to find a 91 qld origin jersey and was like my work here is done”.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. In every way.

Aside from the jersey and the fact that Ben Lawson is a babe, the show, also starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke (Elliot from Scrubs!) is also very enjoyable. You will smash through the whole thing and love it.

For now, as a NSW resident I simply must agree with the wise words of Redditor lemoopse, who commented on the post:

“Hate that jersey and those cunts but that is hot.”

Too right.