Bella Thorne’s Cooked-Sounding Film Is Premiering On PornHub, Bc She’s ~ Edgy ~

There is nothing I enjoy more in the gossip world than a teen celeb who grows up and goes B-A-D. Miley Cyrus in her “it’s salvia” years? MOOD. Lindsay Lohan in her fire-crotch era? BIGGER MOOD. Bella Thorne in 2019? BIGGEST MOOD.

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Basically, since leaving whatever kid’s show she used to star in (Shake It Up, apparently) Bella’s been on a mission to shed her tween image and become a full-time badass, complete with nude Instagram pics and dating old dudes (what’s up, Scott Disick) – and directing films that premiere on porn sites.

Her new flick Her & Him, a frankly terrible title for a film in my opinion, is set to premiere on PornHub. Yes, really.

The film, which is (looooool) being described as a  “modern, sexually explicit Romeo and Juliet-like depiction of modern star-crossed lovers”, which again – sounds terrible, you guys – is debuting at some German film festival next month, before landing on PornHub in their premium service.

Hundo p no one is going to be signing up to their premium service to watch this film, which sounds absolutely nonsensical and exactly like the kind of flick you’d expect from a (prob) overly rich, overly entitled celeb.

“My vision originally actually was to make a Christmas horror movie. And instead I made a very beautiful, ethereal, neon type of vision,” Bella said.

ETHEREAL NEON TYPE OF VISION??? What does that even mean? That is just words put together with no meaning. That is a stupid sentence. I hate that sentence so much I want to punch it in the groin.

OFC she had to go full like ~ EDGY ~.

“Well, the process of shooting was quite interesting because we had, you know, real-life fucking on set, which I have never shot before.”

Guys, did you know Bella Thorne was so BaDaSs she has”real life fucking” in her film? She’s so badass she says “fucking”, not “sex”?

I juuuuust….. like you know when you were in high school and there was the kid who tried to sound super chill and hectic, but it was a bit like ok dude, we get it, you smoke weed/whatever. Congratulations. That person is Bella Thorne.