Believe It Or Not, Stan’s Gonna Stream Every Goddamn Episode Of ‘Seinfeld’

Ahh, shit. This is not a drill. Stan‘s just scored themselves all nine seasons and 180 episodes of Seinfeld for your streaming pleasure.

You know, it was always gonna be a bit of a crapshoot as to whether local streaming services were going to be able to hold their own against the original content behemoth that is Netflix. And Stan surely has a way to go before their original offerings come even close to Netflix’s (though their CEO told us it’s not necessarily their strategy) but they’re definitely scoopin’ it up when it comes to big shows.
As part of the deal – in which we get Seinfeld remastered in widescreen and HD, if you wanted that – Stanners also land brand new shows Preacher and Underground as well as the exclusive premiere of season four of Masters of Sex.
You’ll see Seinfeld on ya Stan menu on November 11. If you’re not on Stan, you can sign up HERE.
Photo: Seinfeld.