Jerry Seinfeld Digs Up His Greatest Gags In 1st Teaser For Netflix Special

It’s no secret that Netflix is pouring a truckload of cash into stand-up comedy, which has long been one of the streaming giants’ bread-and-butter genres.

This year alone they’ve managed to release major specials from the likes of Dave ChappelleSarah SilvermanTracy MorganLouis CKJohn Mulaney Nick KrollAmy SchumerJen KirkmanMike Birbiglia, and a host of others.

The biggest fish of the lot, one Jerry Seinfeld, is set to launch the first of his two planned stand-up specials this coming September. But unlike some of his other extremely-big-name contemporaries, Seinfeld’s first foray into the world of streaming stand-up is a step back in time to his roots as a club performer in New York City.

Jerry Before Seinfeld was shot in the intimate and infamous Comic Strip comedy club in Manhattan where Seinfeld cut his teeth. And rather than running over a bunch of new material, Seinfeld is presenting something of a greatest hits.

The special covers jokes that long-time fans of Jerry will be intimately familiar with, interspersed with cool shit like snippets from the mountain of legal pads containing every joke Seinfeld ever wrote since 1975, childhood videos, and more.

Netflix released a series of short teaser videos on Instagram for the upcoming special, featuring peeks at classic gags like “left hand” or “socks” that should be lay-up round one novice answers at any Seinfeld trivia night.

Jerry Before Seinfeld lands on Netflix on September 19th. You can check out a whole bunch of other teasers at the Netflix Comedy Instagram account.