The Beckhams’ Fam Dins Was Interrupted By A Brawl Over A Punter Allegedly Snapping Pics Of Stars

Victoria Beckham, the matriarch of our royal family, the Beckham family, has become tangentially entwined in a tiff in Miami. The Spice Girls singer and fashion designer narrowly missed an all-out brawl last Friday when she and her family attended a dinner at Bad Bunny‘s restaurant Gekko.

What started out as a casual family dinner in a literal nightclub that serves food, Victoria, 49, was joined by her husband David, 48, sons Romeo, 20, and Cruz, 18, and daughter, Harper, 12. My family catch-ups took place at the local park with sliced Devon and tomato sauce sandwiches – so, very similar vibe to the Beckhams!

However, the evening started to get a bit tetchy when a punter was accused of taking pictures of the Beckhams’ friends, football star Lionel Messi and his wife Antonela Roccuzzo. Apparently the happy snapper got a little too close for comfort while at the venue celebrating his daughter’s 21st birthday.

Apparently security at Gekko didn’t take too kindly to the man taking secret photos and began “battering” him according to reports from The Sun. Fortunately, before the violent brawl broke out, Victoria was able to whisk her daughter away and they fled to safety in a black SUV.

In video footage obtained by Daily Mail taken outside of the venue after the incident, the man in question denied any wrongdoing and said he was simply enjoying time with his family taking pictures of their night out. According to his recount, security guards got very jumpy when they saw a phone being used to snap images.

It seems like it’s a real case of ‘he said, she said’ but whatever the truth is, clocking someone in the face for taking a picture seems a little hectic. The jury is still out on whether any arrests or charges have been made but we will update you when we know more.

With all of this hullaballoo perhaps the Beckhams might think about grabbing a quick Maccy D’s for dinner instead next time. Far less fisty cuffs going on there.