Fans Reckon The Barbie Movie Shaded The Bratz & I Think It’s Time That All The Dolls Got Along

Eagled-eyed Barbie fans noticed that there might’ve been a little bit of shade thrown at her competitor, Bratz, in the 2023 film and can’t we just all get along?

ICYMI: Barbie is literally everything and everywhere right now, from Margot Robbie‘s iconic press tour (where she said she loves PEDESTRIAN.TV, FYI) to the glistening reviews and people’s outfits for the film. It just seems like we cannot escape the iconic blonde girl.

And with the flick doing ultra well at the box office, many people are beginning to come out of the woodwork with their Barbie Easter eggs and theories. It’s honestly giving me English HSC comparative study flashbacks.

The latest theory — or Easter egg, if you want to call it that — that has been found in the Barbie movie is a secret Bratz cameo.

To give you a bit of context, Bratz was a bunch of pouty dolls that were introduced into the market in 2001 by MGA Entertainment, per Capsule 98.

The girls with the “passion for fashion” were known as Chloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin. Throughout the years, MGA released other characters and variants of the dolls. The Bratz pack became a ‘yuge direct competitor to the Barbie dolls, and according to W Magazine, Bratz outsold Barbie in the UK in 2004.

So yeah, they’re kinda ‘yuge deal with the Barbs.

Fans of the dolls claim that director Greta Gerwig made a reference to the Bratz pack during the scene where Barbie officially enters the real world.

To give you a quick summary of the alleged Bratz scene: Barbie ends up at a high school to search for the girl who is responsible for her crisis.

She ends up bumping into four girls who look super familiar. One of them is also named Sasha (Ariana Greenblatt) which is the name of one of the main Bratz girls.

Since people have pointed out this cheeky little Easter egg, other folks noticed that Sahsa’s mum, who is Gloria (America Ferrera) called her “bunny boo”, which is the Bratz doll’s nickname.

(Image Source: TikTok / @Niknok123)

According to Barbie’s IMDb page, the three other girls that could’ve passed off as Jade, Yasmin and Chloe, are only known as “Junior High Friend”.

Other folks reckon that the four girls were meant to represent Mattel’s other line of dolls, MyScene.

As a certified Bratz fan, I definitely believe that this was a little nod or shade towards their competitor ‘cos the girlies were kinda mean to Barbie when they first met her.

They literally told her they “hadn’t played with Barbie since [they] were five years old” when she introduced herself.

Barbie’s Sasha also said: “You’ve been making women feel bad about themselves since you were invented.”

Ugh, so brutal.

When Barbie was finally released in cinemas, the Bratz official TikTok dropped a cheeky video of them going to the premiere … for Oppenheimer.

TBH, I just wish Barbie and Bratz got along. After all, I use to make all the dolls kiss all the time as a kiddo.

I feel like we’re in a time where girls supporting girls is a ‘yuge pillar in what we believe. Women have always been pitted against each other and I’m soooo tired of it. Like, babes, let the dolls be dolls!

Maybe in the future, we’ll get a Barbie x Bratz collab that’ll literally blow up pop culture.