SPICY: A ‘Bachie’ Contestant May Have Just Hinted That She’s Outta There This Week

The mountain of absurd rules and arbitrary regulations that reality TV contestants have to follow in the name of preventing spoilers from leaking is truly, unfathomably insane. But what that means is that whenever a contestant so much as steps a toe outside the line, it usually means there’s a fair bit of fire behind that plume of smoke. Case in point: A current Bachelor contestant may have just quietly hinted at the fact that she’s about to be ejected from the series, and it’s a rumour gleaned from something as simple as an Instagram profile pic.

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The hot word is that Rachael Arahill aka The Worst One™ is set to leave the series this week, and that’s a rumour that’s been further stoked today by Arahill changing her Instagram profile pic, which in the world of The Bachelor is absolutely not insignificant.

You see, while the show airs all contestants are required to get approval from Channel Ten minders before they post anything to their social media pages or change them in any way. As soon as they get 86’d from the show, they’re free to post whatever the hell they like.

Today, Rachael seems to have sneakily changed her Instagram pic from a very Bachelor-approved shot in a cocktail gown to a decidedly un-TV swimsuit photo, which has gotta be ringing all kinds of alarm bells on the betting markets.

Now get this: All this hullabaloo comes hot on the heels of a spate of extremely spicy rumours that Rachael was actually, while production was on-going, getting very familiar with one of the show’s producers.

The rumour, according to NW (look, we know), asserts that old mate who famously declared Matt “not hot” was openly getting fairly frisky with the off-camera staffer. The report claims Rachael was openly “cracking onto the producer in front of the girls and a few other crew members,” and that she had “no shame [about it], but for everyone else it was really uncomfortable to watch.”

There’s no word on whether Rachael’s exit involves a standard No Rosing or whether something slightly more dramatic goes down at this stage. But good lord, are we ever hoping for a spectacularly horny self-implosion.