‘Bachie’ Fave Brooke Doesn’t Regret Shit About Dumping Nick Cummins FYI

After last night’s climactic scenes on The Bachelor, where obvious frontrunner and fan favourite Brooke Blurton decided to vamoose before Nick Cummins had the chance to break her heart ahead of tonight’s finale, you’d think the 23-year-old might be wondering if she could’ve taken out the whole season if she’d stayed on in the mansion.

Not so.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV today, Blurton says she doesn’t think about what could’ve been at all: “I think I’m quite happy with the decision that I made – there are no regrets – and I think I can sort of walk out of this situation quite content with what I was doing, and away from the whole situation happier.

After going through “a healing process“, Blurton’s focusing on what’s in front of her back home in Perth: “I’ve just been so excited to be back home in Perth and back with my loved ones and doing the things that I love. I’m pretty lucky.”

Blurton says she was given some impetus to make the bold move to bail by her time back home with her friends and loved ones during hometown visits. It kinda snapped her out of the Bachelor bubble.

I think being back at home sort of gave me a little bit more insight and I guess I was a little bit more realistic. I think my best friend and my loved ones sort of questioned him about a few things that I hadn’t had the chance to, and I just kind of put a little bit more perspective on it. And I [thought] ‘Where is this relationship going to go?’

Trying to pinpoint what was racing through her mind at the time she stepped out of the rose ceremony and went to to ask the bloke she’s been casually dating for reassurance that he’s really into her, Blurton lands on “a lot of emotion“: “I spent time thinking about whether it was the right decision, and what I wanted to do. [It was] a lot of emotion. I sort of knew what I wanted and I think that probably wasn’t on the same page as Nick.

But the confrontation meant that Blurton could finally stop wondering “‘Why am I still on this journey? Does this guy really like me?’” and instead make “the best decision for myself“.

People online have also been speculating about Honey Badger and Blurton’s final date, where they painted each other’s bodies to make a picture of a couple under a tree at sunset. They reckon it’s highly bloody unlikely that the same Bachie who painted a wonky love heart between Blurton’s eyebrows could also draw that perfect couple.

Blurton laughs at the conspiracy – and then seemingly confirms it: “We did a good job but we also had help.

Ultimately Blurton says she reckons her pick for the winner is Brittany Hockley, even as she admits she doesn’t really “know what to believe” in terms of the constant rumours swirling about Cummins’ relationship status. She does reckon IRL he’s exactly the same as he appears on TV, and she doesn’t doubt the earnestness of his quest for love: “I think he went on the journey with real intentions to find love and I hope that he finds it. He’s got two beautiful girls to choose from tonight.

The other moment for Blurton on this season came when she seemed to confess her sexuality to Cummins. The not-revelation led to rumblings that she and fellow bisexual contestant Jamie-Lee Dayz were an item on the outside, a rumour that each woman has unequivocally denied. Blurton says the pair as friends “laughed it off“, and that she doesn’t see her disclosure to the Badge as a ‘coming out’.

I don’t really see it as coming out, I think it was just a conversation that needed to be discussed. I am confident in who I am and I’m not ashamed of who I am, so I feel like I should be able to express that whether it’s on TV or just in general. I felt comfortable disclosing that to Nick.

Blurton definitely had a perfect match in mind when she signed up for The Bachelor, “someone who’s on the same level as me“: “I know I’m only quite young but I’m also pretty set on who I wanna spend my time with, and a person I wanna be in a relationship with.

Still Blurton says she’s not even thinking about becoming the next Bachelorette, or having a go at Bachelor in Paradise. “I don’t think right now [when] everything is so fresh. I don’t know. I’ve been asked this quite a few times but I just don’t think I’ve considered that even being a thing right now.