People Are Frothing Cayla For Spilling The Tea On ‘Bachie’ Tonight

To escape whatever the hell is going on in #Auspol right now, The Bachelor returned to our tellies for its second week of drama, drama, drama, and hoo boy was there DRAMA thanks to the gone but never forgotten crystal-loving Cayla.

If you’re keen for the full Bachie recap, give the below a good click.

Now presenting The Bachelor episode three in five scenes and the People’s Twitter.

Scene One: The *heavenly music* Kiss

Set the scene – the Honey Badger goes on a vanilla date with Brittany, footy golf happens and they talk about their ~ values ~. You yawn and look away waiting for Brooke to appear and when you turn back to the telly, Nick and Brittany are sharing a sweet kiss, a not-demolish-your-throat kiss.

Scene Two: Last Lady Standing

The most ambitious crossover (yet) happens and we delve into an episode of #SurvivorAUVanessa Sunshine and Cat from Bali smash each other’s clay hearts to the soundtrack of John Wick in one of many random challenges to win Nick’s heartSunshine, taking a leaf out of Posh’s book, wins some quality time with Nick and smiles in the form of a grimace. Crickets literally chirp in the background as the Honey Badger tries to make Sunshine show her shiny pearlers.

Spoilers: He can’t – no one can.

Scene Three: Breakfast, Brooke & The Badger’s Den

The subheading pretty much says it and the tweets say the rest of it.


A lot of people are tweeting this and can we NOT:

Scene Four: Will You Accept This Diary?

Let’s just go to the tweets for this one.

Scene Five: Cayla Leaves But Spills The Tea 

After not receiving a rose, Cayla decides to spill the tea about Cat and Romy and the toxic bullshit they spin every episode. Cat’s just here to plug her jewellery label, Romy’s fake, the mansion is in disarray. Throughout this spill, the Honey Badger looks mightily uncomfortable and after Cayla wishes him luck and asks if he wants to know who the “good ones are”, he closes the car door on her mid “Oh my God”.

But the most important thing I learnt from tonight’s episode is… the Bachie mansion is home to a couple of alpacas and their names are Richie, Tim, and Matty J. 

Catch ya, tomorrow.

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