Brittany Hockley Said She Hid A Spicy Note In The Bachie Mansion To Warn Future Contestants

Brittany Hockley The Bachelor

In one heck of a spicy meatball, The Bachelor star Brittany Hockley said she hid a cheeky note in the mansion to warn future contestants about what to expect from the show. And by ‘warn’, I mean run for the fucken hills.

Speaking on the latest episode of her Life Uncut podcast, co-hosted by Laura Byrne, Brittany said she hid a note when she was basically the last person in the mansion. Brittany was on Nick Cummins‘ season of The Bachelor – she even made it to the final two… and then Nick picked no one.


“When I was on The Bachelor, and I was the last person basically in the mansion – well, I was, I was the last person in the mansion – I wrote a note to the next lot of people that I knew were about to come in,” she explained.

Brittany said she knew the next season of The Bachelorette wasn’t far off from filming, so she hoped one of the blokes from Ali Oetjen‘s season would find her letter and read her warning.

“It was like, ‘Run now, trust no one’ … I was like fucken everyone’s out to get you, people will pretend to be your friend and they’re not, and all these points, and I hid it under – in one of the bunk beds, ‘cos we were in bunk beds.”

It wasn’t just a warning note though, Brittany also called it a “cheat sheet”, which I would personally froth if I ever went on reality TV.

Brittany slept on a bottom bunk, so she hid the note in the slats of the bed above and just left the tiniest bit of paper jutting out, so the next person could maybe, hopefully see it.

Did they? Well, Brittany spoke to someone from Ali’s season and according to them, the note went unseen.

“If there’s any way that anyone listening can get this out to all the boys, I want to know if anyone actually did find it.”

Surely someone did, or a producer clocked it and chucked it right into the bin. Wouldn’t rule that one out, to be honest.

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