New Bachie Brooke Is 100% Chill For Her Male *And* Female Contestants To Hook Up In The Mansion

Brooke Blurton The Bachelorette

We’re back, baby! On this fine Thursday morning, Channel 10 announced the already adored Brooke Blurton as the 2021 Bachelorette, basically confirming bulk views when the show premieres later this year. PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to the Noongar and Yamatji woman this morning about the exciting news, and here’s how it went.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: How are you feeling!?

Brooke Blurton: Right now? Tired, excited, caffeinated – everything, all sorts of emotions [laughs].

PTV: How has the reaction been so far?

B: Really positive! Like, my phone is blowing up, like all my friends and family already knew because I FaceTimed them last night to make sure that they weren’t blindsided. But, uh, yeah, wow, it’s been crazy! I can’t even imagine going into it.

PTV: Did Channel 10 approach you about being The Bachelorette this year?

B: They did, yes.

PTV: And was that an easy decision?

B: I think timing wise, absolutely. I think last year’s COVID, it was very impactful for all Australians, and the year before I was in a relationship, so this time around I was absolutely ready for it and I’m so excited to have been given this opportunity.

PTV: And what are you most excited for right now?

B: Hopefully finding that special someone! [Laughs] Not to sound corny and cliché, but I’ve always been a person that – my relationships have always been like loving and caring. But there’s always been that something missing in some part, and I don’t know if it’s just because I’m picky or it’s something like awful timing. Whatever it is, I think right now I’m really open to the experience.

PTV: That’s great to hear! So, let’s get into it: in an interview on Abbie Chatfield’s podcast, you talked about feeling pressured by other women in the mansion to tell the Honey Badger that you’re bisexual. How does it feel to now own your narrative even more? 

B: I’ve always owned my narrative, I think, from a very young girl. I’ve come from a different childhood experience than most, and I think I’ve always been very powerful with my voice and my own story. [As a youth worker] I teach kids every day to change their narrative. They don’t have to be their circumstance, and I’ve expressed that in my Ted Talk.

So this has just given me a huge platform and that – you know, The Bachie franchise and being part of that has been awesome. I think a lot of people could relate to me and they felt like I was approachable in that sense, so I think being given this platform is just crazy, to be the 2021 Bachelorette – it’s going to be a whirlwind.

PTV: So do you know yet how this season will work, in terms of having both men and women in the mansion?

B: Um, it’ll be a teething out process, but I’m really excited about that. Obviously I’ve got a lot of input this time around. I think when I was a contestant it was really hard to even know what’s going on, so this is exciting. I think I’m very strong minded and I know what I want and I know what I don’t like, so I’ll be voicing that throughout the season.

Logistically, we will be casting male and females, applications are still basically open to make sure that they are casting the right people for me, which is really special. And they probably will live – sort of independently, both genders, which I think is probably appropriate, but more on a privacy level, you know what I mean?

PTV: Yeah, for sure. So who is the right person for you?

B: Who is the right person? Oh, I don’t know what they look like [laughs]. Um, I’ve said this previously, but I feel like physical traits aren’t really what I’m drawn to. Obviously you have to be attracted to someone and that will also be very special to find someone that you like and like to look at, but I think more the internal qualities. So, someone who shares the same cultural values possibly, or just the same morals and values in life. Maybe on that trajectory, you know what I mean?

PTV: Yeah, nice! And you were saying before that you know what you don’t want. What’s that?

B: I think what I don’t want is obviously someone who is quite shallow, or close-minded. Someone who thinks they’re entitled – those similar traits. I think I want someone with more life experience – I know that I’m only 26, but I feel like my life experience sort of outweighs being an age or a number, and I think I want someone who shares that similar view.

PTV: And would you be a little bit miffed or upset if the cast starts dating each other in the mansion?

B: I’ve said this [in earlier interviews] and look, who knows if this could happen and if it does happen it will be what it will be and I can’t change that. I’ve said – you know, whether I’m disappointed I didn’t feel that connection with that person, I can’t not be happy that they get to come out of that [experience] with something. Even if it’s not with me, like I’m not going to be too disheartened as a pretty reasonable person, and people know that.

[On Fitzy & Wippa this morning, Brooke also said that “it’s going to happen”.]

PTV: Yeah, absolutely. So we had our first bi groom on Married At First Sight this year and I feel like it was handled badly by the contestants and by editing, did that give you any reservations at all before signing on?

B: Oh, I wish I actually watched MAFS, but I didn’t. I’m loyal to my Channel 10 [laughs] but I don’t actually watch a lot of reality TV shows other than the ones that I go on [laughs].

PTV: Huge power move.

B: But no, I’m not really worried. I think this has been something we’ve been speaking about in the media, and I think it’s been a want, I think it’s a need, but I also don’t think it needs to be exploited and oversaturated. I think it should be a natural process.

And that’s exactly how we’re going to take that approach. It’s not going to be lots of names and titles and everything, we haven’t actually put titles on myself, I’ve just introduced myself as Brooke, but obviously doing radio and TV and stuff like that, it helps them justify where you sit in society, which I think is really silly.

So no, there’s a lot of pressure, a lot of responsibility, but look, I’m ready for it.

PTV: And is it important to you to not title people?

B: Yeah, absolutely! Most of my friends are a part of the LGBTQI+ community, and I don’t walk up to them and say, ‘Sab, you lesbian.’ I absolutely just call them Sabrina, Sab, my mate, my friend. I don’t call her by her sexuality [laughs].

PTV: We’ve sadly seen a lot of racist and homophobic, biphobic trolls in the comment sections on social media. How have you prepared for that sort of negative attention?

B: Oh, I don’t think you’re ever prepared for negative attention. I think I am so thick-skinned in the sense that I have had experience on being on The Bachelor and doing Bachelor in Paradise – I know that there are critics, I know that there is a small population of very conservative people, but I’ve said this in other interviews and I’ll still continue to say it – if it makes you feel uncomfortable to see two girls kissing or two guys kissing or whatever it is, I feel like it’s time for you to really reflect on what that means to you. If you don’t really accept it and you feel uncomfortable it’s really a reflection on you in some part, and you need to unpack that.

That might sound savage, but I think it’s honest and I think people will be onboard with how we as a society are moving forward into a more accepting space. It shouldn’t even be a thing.

The Bachelorette will premiere on Ten later this year.