Ali Oetjen’s Ex Is Dragging Her For Being A Messy Drunk But Aren’t We All?

One-time American intruder Bachelor in Paradise contestant Grant Kemp has emerged from reality TV obscurity to try unsuccessfully to rip his ex Bachelorette Ali Oetjen a new one.

He does so by trying to spill all the hot goss about Oetjen – who he has previously accused of cheating on himto tabloid mag Who.

But the goss effectively amounted to the fact that Oetjen is just like us: she got hammered on a wine tour with Kemp and her mates, and then tried to do gnarly G&T tricks.

Here’s the full story from Kemp, which honestly endears Oetjen to us more:

When we were on the show, they limited our alcohol consumption so nobody ever got as drunk as they would if they went out on a Friday night with all their friends. I never actually saw Ali drunk until the first time I visited her in Adelaide and we had been wine tasting all day with all of her friends.

We ended up at a bar in Adelaide somewhere with one of her good friends and she was just getting really drunk. Then, all of a sudden in the middle of the bar, she just goes out of nowhere, ‘Hey, watch this,’ and I looked over and she had a glass with gin and tonic in her hand and in the middle of the bar she punches the glass out of her own hand and the drink flies on everyone and she just starts laughing like nothing is wrong. I was like, ‘Are you joking? You really just did that in the middle of a bar. We should go.’ That’s pretty bad. I was completely embarrassed.

Excuse me, Grant, there is nothing to be embarrassed about here. She got a bit sozzled, punched a glass out of her own hand and it spilled on her mates who totally probably didn’t mind at all. Sounds like Friday amirite???

He also demanded Ali Oetjen explain what happened to her fiancé from before her stint on Paradise.

Ali had been engaged for, like, three months before going on Bachelor in Paradise so once the show finished I asked her to explain the situation, like why did they break up. She kind of ended up accidentally spilling to me that she had met her ex fiancé because she used to have sex with his older brother.

I was like, ‘Are you joking? You were sleeping with this dude’s older brother and now you’re going to marry him?

Are you joking? Do not shame her for having a bone with one dude and then dating and getting engaged with that guy’s brother. Maybe her and the bro were always heaps casual and she connected deeply with the other one. We don’t know. Stop being so judgmental, dude. You don’t know her truth.

Ali Oetjen for her part spoke to New Idea today about the earlier cheating scandal, which he alleged involved one of his ‘friends’ going down on her in a stairwell, saying she didn’t want to share her side of the story because she didn’t want to “say bad things about another person“.

We all have one of those ex-boyfriends that just won’t go away, and he’s unfortunately one of those guys who is adamant and someone who wants those headlines and isn’t giving in. I’ve just come to peace with it.

I’m not giving this any light or any opportunity because I want it to stop and I want to focus on my future. I don’t want him in my future.


Okay, bye, now you know Ali Oetjen likes to party yet still uses sayings like “Holy moly guacamole!” We have all learned something today.

And just think, in less than one week we can gather together and mercilessly judge the men competing for her attention. What fun.