Collecting all of the most extreme personalities from former seasons of The Bachelor  and The Bachelorette and forcing all of them into one place, The Bachelor In Paradise is basically the reality TV equivalent of Infinity Wars – it’s going to be a bunch of people you’ve seen fuck shit up independently coming together to fuck up a lot of shit as a collective.

We’ve not been shown much of what’s ahead yet (although the revelation that Keira Maguire is going to be there alone is a good sign that things are gonna get ~interesting~), but they’ve seen fit to grace us with a much more comprehensive sneak peek of what’s in store.

Keen eyes will spot the as-yet-unheralded appearances of Ali Oetjen from Season 1, Lisa Hyde from Season 2, and Florence Alexandra Sophia from Season 5. Even keener eyes will spot silver fox Luke McLeod from the previous season of The Bachelorette getting his bones jumped on the beach, the franchise’s two great stage five clingers going on a date together, and a got dang proposal. It’s all bloody happening, folks.

Cast your eyes upon the trailer below.

Image: Facebook / Channel 10