We Now Know Who Two Outta Three Of Next Week’s ‘Bachelor’ Intruders Are

We’ve got three women entering the Bachelor mansion as ~INTRUDERS~ (dun, dun, dun) next week, and Daily Mail have figured out who two outta three of the ladies are.

First up we’ve got Jamie-Lee Dayz, a venue manager from Sydney. The internet have managed to dig up her inactive Tumblr account, mostly stylised soft porn rly, which isn’t hard to do when the link is on your Twitter.

Image source: Facebook. 

Second up is Deanna Salvemini, who knows how to set her shit to private. Daily Mail reckon she’s a dental nurse in Adelaide, because that name is attached to a dental surgery in SA. There’s a fair chance she is not that, and is instead a massage therapist who works at a boot camp in Adelaide, and has a background as a competitive swimmer. Or maybe she’s both? Sleuthing is hard. What we do know is she’s from Adelaide. Isn’t that enough?

Image source: Facebook.

Both gals have Instys laden with v. telling red rose emojis, but they’re both on private – probably until their stints on the show kick off. If you wanna try your luck, here’s Jamie, here’s Deanna.

Now to wait until next week to see if either of them are the one from the previews who unzips her dress and straight-up legs it from the mansion; and if they’re contenders for the Badge’s heart against strong favourites like Brooke and Brittany, who almost definitely won already, right?