Do Not Talk To Me Unless It’s About The New Baby Yoda Toys That Come W/ A Bone Broth Cup

In some excellent Friday news, toy masterminds Hasbro has unleashed some new Baby Yoda merch, well ~ The Child ~ merchandise if you want to get official here.

[jwplayer DcIk9HAW]

In case you missed it: there’s been a lack of Baby Yoda toys out there because Disney was hellbent on keeping the little tyke a secret. And look, fair enough. The breakout star was undoubtedly such a delightful surprise of The Mandalorian, and it’s safe to say the world is obsessed.

Anywho, like the adorable figures Funko released a little while a go, these beauties are available for pre-order only. According to Hasbro, the toys will be ready to go in May 2020… so maybe you can lock the little bébé in for Christmas in July. Do take the “maybe” with a grain of salt though because there’s yet to be any word on Australian pricing and release dates. We’ll keep you updated.

The toys are part of Hasbro’s Black Series collection, a very fancy line of collectibles. There’s the Black Series high-quality collectible, which comes with – get this – a small bone broth cup, ball toy, and Sorgan frog. The incredible set retails for USD$9.99. Then there’s also the talking plush Child (supposedly talking but I assume it’ll just coo at you) for USD$25; another action figure for USD$20, and a Bounty Collection including six different figures for USD$8 each.

Target USA already has the toys up for pre-order, which you can window shop right here.

Pictured: Star Wars The Black Series The Child Toy, including the small bone broth cup, ball toy, and Sorgan frog. If we can’t shove the frog into its mouth I’m going to be very disappointed.

Star Wars

The action figure is just a standard Baby Yoda toy so I’m going to skim past that one.

Pictured: Star Wars The Child Talking Plush Toy. To be honest, this seems like a damn good deal because it also comes with the small bone broth cup, ball toy, and Sorgan frog accessories.

I am obsessed with these staging photos.


Oh my God. 


In conclusion: I am a grown adult and I want all of these toys.