Baby Yoda’s Real Name Has Finally Been Revealed And Many Thoughts The Internet Has

Baby Yoda

To fans, the cute little green guy who travels with The Mandalorian and loves the taste of alien eggs is known as Baby Yoda. To most on the show, he’s known as The Child. After this week’s episode, we finally know his real name, and the internet has a lot of thoughts on it.

The second season of the popular Disney+ show has seen Mando on a mission to reunite Baby Yoda with the Jedi, and this week when he arrived on the planet Corvus, to deliver him to the lightsaber-wielding Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson).

Realising that she can feel The Child’s thoughts, Ahsoka learns of his tragic backstory, as well as his real name, which she reveals to be … Grogu. Yes, that does sort of sound like something a little gross, but we’ll go ahead and move past that.

In addition to revealing his name, Asoka fills in some important details about Grogu, saying that he was raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and was trained by many Jedi masters, and that he was taken into hiding when the Empire rose to power.

She does not say specifically who trained him or took him into hiding, but these are probably questions that will be answered later in the series. The internet certainly had a field day with the information:

The episode also touches on the growing bond between Mando and Baby Yoda. When askes to train him, Ahsoka refuses, saying she’s afraid of the path he could take because of the years of fear and resentment inside him, and noting that Mando has become like a father to him.

The episode ends with Mando and Grogu setting off on a new mission to find an ancient Jedi Temple, where they might find someone who can train him. There are three episodes remaining in season two, so who knows what else we’ll find out about The Child and his origins?