Everything We Know About This Season’s Outback Aussie Survivor & Prepare For Bulk Blindsides

Australian Survivor

Australian Survivor, you’re hearing it more and more these days as Channel 10 gears up for its newest season of the beloved telly show. And after the network unleashed the first look at the season last night, it’s safe to say things are looking like an absolute belter. So while we wait for an exact premiere date, here’s everything we know about Australian Survivor so far.

When will Australian Survivor premiere?

Channel 10 hasn’t announced a release date just yet, but we can expect it later this year. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can watch all seasons of Australian Survivor and some of its international seasons right here.

Is Jonathan LaPaglia returning to host?

Yes, because it is simply not Australian Survivor without daddy Jonathan LaPaglia at the helm. And that’s that.


Where is Australian Survivor based this year?

‘Cos of the bastard virus, this season of Australian Survivor is being filmed in the outback of North West Queensland, where it’s hot during the day and absolutely freezing at night. I would take the monsoon season on a beach in Fiji over dust and dehydration in Woop Woop any day.

It’s gonna be a tough one, tell ya what.

Is there a theme this year?

There sure is and it is my favourite theme of them all: Survivor: Brains V Brawn. Nerds versus jocks, nerds versus jocks!!!

The only thing that could make that elite theme better is chucking Beauty into the mix, like the very good Survivor: Cagayan season.

But still, Brains V Brawn is always a good time and I cannot wait to see what goes down this season.

Is there a trailer?

YES! Presenting two minutes and 40 seconds of glorious television.


Who are the castaways on this season of Australian Survivor?

While Channel 10 hasn’t announced the full lineup yet, the trailer did gift us a couple of names, like 1993 Brownlow Medalist Gavin Wanganeen! Why not, I say?

“I made my mark on football and I’d love to be able to make my mark on Survivor,” Gavin said in the trailer.

He was joined by big wave surfer Felicity ‘Flick’ Palmateer and award-winning author Wai Chim, who wrote the very good book The Surprising Power Of A Good Dumpling. 

Oh, there’s also George, a political operative (???) for the Labor party.

“You’ve got be willing to pull people’s strings as a faceless man in the Labor party, that’s what I’ll be doing on Survivor,” George said.

What’s a political operative, you ask? A faceless man, apparently!

Dani, meanwhile, is a prison officer at a men’s maximum security prison.

“I work with the worst of the worst,” the castaway said. “I deal with manipulation every single day.”

And last but not least is Daini – an absolute unit of man and personal trainer.

“I’ve got a big mouth, I’ve got opinions and I ain’t got no problems with burning a bridge if I need to,” he said.

And that’s what we love to hear.

Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn is coming soon to Channel 10.