Ashley Tisdale Has Gone Wildly Viral On TikTok For Recreating One Of Her Iconic HSM Songs

ashley tisdale high school musical 3 tiktok

High School Musical fans get ready to relive your childhood — Ashley Tisdale has recreated one of her famous scenes from the third movie on TikTok. Yes, it has made me want to rewatch the entire HSM trilogy. Yes, it has also made me feel old.

In case you weren’t all aboard the High School Musical train in the late 2000s, Ashley Tisdale played Sharpay Evans, the main antagonist of the films who eventually became the protagonist.

Hot take but Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) was the villain of every movie. His character also wasn’t as likeable as everyone else. Sharpay wasn’t even that evil! Justice for Sharpay!

Moving swiftly along.

Tisdale partnered up with TikToker Chris Olsen (he’s hot, American and gay, that’s all you need to know) to recreate the famous “I Want It All” scene. Olsen, who somehow has more followers than Tisdale, played the role of Ryan Evans. You can’t do the song alone, after all.

The TikTok has only been up for eight hours and has already amassed 8.1 million views.


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“Can we all agree that this is the best song to come out of High School Musical 3?” wrote one TikTok user.

Honestly, I’m gonna have to agree with this comment here. The second best song is probably “The Boys Are Back” but still, that song doesn’t even SCRATCH the excellence of “I Want It All”.

“My soul left my body for a sec there,” wrote a second TikTok user.

“Ashley Tisdale you will always be famous,” wrote a third.

I know it’s only been 14 years since High School Musical 3 came out but Ashley Tisdale has not aged a day. She looks incredible!

Of course, this article wouldn’t be complete without the original “I Want It All”. It’s a masterpiece of our times. The pinnacle of cinema. Dare I say it’s also one of the best High School Musical songs ever.

Bask in its glory below:

Now all I need to ascend from this mortal plane is another High School Musical reunion. One was not enough!

They’ll probably do one for the 20th anniversary of the first film, which isn’t until 2026. I’ll be patiently waiting.