Ash Williams Sucked A Guy’s Toe For A Measly $10 This Morn So I Guess We Have That In Common

Ash Williams KIIS FM Sucking Toes

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is finally finished, yet Ash Williams still can’t help himself from putting his foot, or the feet of others, in his mouth. Just today he hopped on KIIS FM 106.5 for an interview with Kyle and Jackie O that resulted in the eating of dog food, the licking of feet, the sucking of nipples and $1000 for Williams. It pays to be cooked, folks.

Keep in mind this all happened the day after he pleaded not guilty in court for serious allegations made his way, but I guess nothing gets between a man and his hankering for a good foot in the mouth. I cannot believe I just wrote that.

Just in case you missed it, on I’m A Celeb, Williams admitted that he’s sold feet pics, let clubgoers suck all on his nips, and other pretty strange things, which is a little bit of context as to why all this shit went down in the interview, but still, not enough.

First up, Williams was asked to eat an entire tub of dog food for $200, which he went into without much hesitation at all. It’s the fact that he actually enjoyed it which is sending me right now. Righto, Williams.

The next ‘challenge’ thrown his way was to let KIIS FM’s Pete Deppeler suck on his nips, and then in turn for Williams to suck Deppeler’s toes. Welcome to the wild world of Aussie radio. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that Williams accepted the challenge, and was then thrown a measly $10 for the dare.

At the end of the interview, Kyle and Jackie O tipped him $690 for playing along, which means Williams walked out with $1000 for sucking toes and eating dog food. Hate it. Absolutely hate it.

If you want to listen to Williams sucking on toes and getting his nips sucked, go right ahead, here’s the link.

Ash Williams KIISPhoto by KIIS FM.

On Monday, Williams’ lawyer Lauren MacDougall appeared before Newtown Local Court to plead not guilty to charges made against her client. Williams has been charged with intentionally recording intimate images without consent during a FaceTime call.

The matter is currently set to return to Newtown Local Court on March 23, 2021.