Arrested Development Officially Returns

The Bluth’s are back! Netflix is reviving beloved Emmy winning TV show Arrested Development for an early 2013 release with filming slated to begin this year. The entire original cast will be returning including; Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera, Tony Hale, Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross, Alia Shawkat and Jessica Walter.

There have been no formal contracts made with the actors, however according to writer and co-executive producer Dean Lorey “offices and parking spaces” are already set up. Must be legit then. Despite the cancellation of the show in 2006, the rumour mill has since been busy with heresay concerning the show’s return. Lorey has finally confirmed the new season with the possibility of a feature film to shoot after the series’ duration (fingers crossed).

Cancelled shows very rarely make a comeback according to executive producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. Howard said “It’s a huge challenge cause we’re talking about 10 episodes, or almost character studies, individually featuring various characters from the Bluth family and showing where they are now.”

Each episode will update audiences on the quirky adventures the Bluth family have gotten themselves into in the 6 years since the show’s cancellation. According to Howard “its pretty hilarious, outrageous stuff”.

Words by Cassandra Byrnes