Ariana Grande Labelled A “Bully” After Mocking A Fan’s Hygiene On Twitter

Granted, it must absolutely SUCK to pour your heart and soul into an album like Ariana Grande has no doubt done with Sweetener, only to have sneaky ass fans leak your work. I get it, that must blow. And ffs it’s gonna be released in two days, just wait 48 hours and fork out $$$ to support your idol.

But bullying is absolutely never called for, especially when it’s aimed at someone who worships you.

The ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ singer has been called out after posting a series of nasty tweets where she mocks a fan for sharing a photo of her fourth studio album.

Here is the tweet that kicked off the whole mess:

And here are Grande’s viciously worded responses, one of which was deleted after posting so mind the screenshot.

As other fans joined in on Grande’s tirade, she thanked them for their support.

She went on to share the link to the leak site and tagged TMZ so they knew where it was coming from.

After Grande’s rant drew the attention of Arianators everywhere, a lot of them took their queen’s side (of course) but many disagreed with the singer’s approach to the situation and have labelled her a “bully” for the way she tweeted about the stan.

In summary: buying leaked media is an absolutely shit thing to do but ya what else is shit? Bullying people on Twitter and encouraging your thousands of followers to join in on the hate.

As my good pal Harry Styles preaches on the reg: TREAT PEOPLE WITH KINDNESS.