Ariana Grande Apologies For Dodgy-As-Fuck Tour Merch After Fan Backlash

In the lead-up to Ariana Grande‘s new album cycle with Sweetener, a whole lotta new merch has been released but it looks like whoever’s in charge of designing the threads has cut a few corners and fans are downright PISSED at the quality… or the lack thereof.

[jwplayer pOv0yCqQ]

One shirt in particular features an ironed on photo of the singer on a basic white tee and it honest to god looks like one of those cheap, fake knock offs you get from the markets.

Get a load of ’em, will ya?

Being the 1000% girl boss QUEEN that she is, Ari took to Twitter to apologise to her angered fans and promise that she’ll be doing something to amend the shonky merch.

“Yea this looks wild and i can’t believe they sent it out,” she wrote. “I’m on it. So fuckin sorry. The other merch looks perfect in person. I don’t wear t shirts so i didn’t have them send me this one first i’m so so sorry. I’ll approve everything in person from now on. this is trash. My bad.”

Kudos to Ari for constantly keeping the line of communication between her and her fans open. We stan a legend, my friends. We stan a legend.