Forget Danger Zone, There’s An Entire ‘Danger Island’ In ‘Archer’ S9

That’s right folks, your fave inappropriate AF super-spy is finally back and it’s about damn time.  Archer season nine will be hitting FXX on April 25 so buckle up ‘cos it appears we’re flying to a whole new island this season. But Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), first name Sterling, is unfortunately still in a coma so alike season eight this brand new tropical season is the product of Archer’s saucy imagination.

If the past seasons are feeling a little bit blurry to you, here’s the gist of what you need to know:

In the last episode of the seventh season, Archer got shot a couple of times by evil actress, Veronica Deane (who also shot cyborg Archer in the tum-tum, is it all coming back now?) Then in season eight, we found out Archer’s alive but in a very deep coma which kicked off Archer Dreamland. In this adventure, things took a turn into 1940s Los Angeles where Archer’s subconscious wanted us to solve the crime of his murdered partner. It was all very noir. Now, things are taking a dangerous turn, literally, as Archer’s subconscious takes us to Danger Island. #ooOoOoOoO 

“Quicksand, cannibals and a sidekick named Crackers. Get ready for Archer: Danger Island, premiering April 25 on FXX. #ArcherFXX” 

Oh, I’m so ready.

This season Archer’s an alcoholic seaplane pilot navigating the mysterious island with a German spy named Cyril (Chris Parnell); co-pilot Pam (Amber Nash); resort-owner Malory (Jessica Walter); stranded heiress Cheryl/Charlotte (Judy Greer); Capitaine Ray (Adam Reed), and of course Lana who is now Princess Lanaluakalani (Aisha Tyler)You just can’t make this shit up.  Krieger’s also back except he’s not exactly the lovable albeit creepy scientisty-spy we know him as. Instead, word around the block says Krieger will somehow be the sidekick parrot named Crackers. Interesting, very interesting.

Barry will also probably rock up somehow, somewhere, and make things weird like he always does. Ugh.

P.S The last time things got tropical Archer was on the pirate fortress, Pangu Island and things got bloody wild so y’know, Danger Island better bring it.