SURPRISE: ‘Archer’ Has Been Renewed For An 11th Season & He’s Finally Waking Up 


Hell yeah, you read that correctly – Archer has been renewed for a surprise 11th season. FXX revealed the news during – you guessed it – its panel at Comic-Con earlier today. But fear not my friends, this won’t be another adventure through Sterling Archer’s mind because this time, he’s finally waking up.

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“We are incredibly excited for our 11th season and look forward to Archer waking up from his coma and returning to a spy world that has continued without him for the past three years,” executive producer Casey Willis announced, per Deadline.

It’s been three seasons – Dreamland, Danger Island, and 1999 – since Archer was shot in the finale of season 7, chucking him in a coma.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Willis and fellow executive producer Matt Thompson shared a little of what to expect from season 11, which the team hopes will feel closer to season 2 and 3.

“As we were doing these seasons of genre-hopping, we started thinking about how interesting it would be if Archer were to wake up to a world that’s had to move on without him,” Willis said. “We thought it was so interesting that we wanted to do another season and explore that dynamic.”

“One reason Adam [Reed, creator], Casey, and I started genre-hopping is we got bored telling a mission-of-the-week story. It felt stale,” Thompson continued. “Now we’ve been gone so long from that it’s going to feel brand-new again.”

Side note: Reed has always said that he would bow out of Archer after season 10 but according to Thompson, it was actually his idea to wake Archer up.

“He plotted out the stories with us,” he shared. “At this time, he’s only slated to write one episode. His involvement was mainly at the front end of the production.”

Season 11 will be set back at the New York agency, which will have a new name.

“We’re definitely back to doing spy missions. But the roles and people’s personalities have changed,” Willis said. “What’s also different is Archer is physically and mentally not what he was. He’s been in a bed for three years. His muscles have atrophied to the point where he can’t even walk that well.”

The pair also revealed the spy now has a cane but not just any cane, a Tacti-Cane – a tactical walking cane which Krieger has geared up with devices so Archer can still do cool spy shit.