Andy Lee Has Reportedly Been “Asked” To Have A Crack At Filling In As ‘Today’ Host

Despite promising heaps in their highly-publicised cast shake-up at the end of last year, it looks like The Today Show is going to endure another reasonably major change at the end of this year after a 2019 run that drew middling ratings and varying consternation from network officials. And if a particularly loose rumour is anything to go by, producers might be eyeing off a rather left-field choice that’d see Andy Lee, of all people, having a crack at sitting in the all-important hosting chair.

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The revamped version of Today, with Deborah Knight and Georgie Gardner as hosts, is all-but certain to be shaken up come the end of the year, with a number of options – even re-hiring the unceremoniously deposed Karl Stefanovic – reportedly being considered.

But while Nine (who wholly owns this publication but refuses to let me pinch-hit a weather report so I can tell everyone “It’s gonna be 36 degrees……. in my ASS”) figures out what to do about their flagship breakfast show on a permanent basis, reports suggest that Andy Lee has, at the very least, been invited to “fill in” as host on the show for a hot minute or two.

Lee, along with gr8 m8 Hamish Blake, is currently associated with Nine thanks to their upcoming Hamish & Andy’s Perfect Week series, which is due to premiere on Nine in a couple of weeks.

Whether or not Hamish has been asked to fill-in as well remains to be seen, although a version of Today hosted by Hamish & Andy sounds like the kind of glorious chaos that might actually be worth getting up at sparrow’s fart to behold.

The report, from (take with salt grains), asserts Lee has been approached about possibly pulling fill-in shifts as co-host of Today. The strong implication there being that Lee isn’t being considered, or doesn’t want, the full-time role.

Aside from the frankly shocking return of Stefanovic, other names reportedly in contention for the hosting job in 2020 include 60 Minutes reporter Allison Langdon, who got a big tick of network approval by being handed the coveted Nine Upfronts hosting job last week.

Honestly? Just give the hosting gig to Brooke Boney already. A beautiful, precious gem, who we love and Stan.

You know it makes sense.