Hamish Blake Dropped An Almighty Holiday Prank On Zoë By “Learning” To Speak Italian

There ain’t nothing on earth like a good spousal prank, and the King on the throne of that Mount Prankmore is Hamish Blake. Old mate is a prank auteur. Case in point, while on holiday with his family in Italy, Hamish managed to pull a mighty prank on his wife Zoë Foster Blake by finding a way to appear absolutely fluent in Italian.

Strap in for this one, it’s a belter.

[jwplayer biRmy4fP]

The story goes that with a family holiday in Italy coming up, Hamish hatched a plan to get the wife good by writing a simple script, having an Italian-speaking friend translate it into the mother tongue, memorising it, then whipping it out with the help of a friendly waiter, thereby appearing – for all intents and purposes – suddenly fluent in Italian.

Lo and behold, during their last breakfast in the country, Hamish found a willing helper in “Martina,” and the fix was in.

‘Course it all fell apart rapidly when Zoë quite clearly clocked the cheat sheet Hamish had written on his leg. But it’s still good as hell.

If you happen to be keeping score at home, the conversation – in English – was supposed to go a little something like:

“Excuse me, may I ask a question?”
“Of course.”
“Would it be possible to have 3 eggs instead of 2? I am a hungry and strong father.”
“It would be very easy. May I say your Italian is perfect.”
“Thank you so much, you’re very kind. I am actually from these lands. The language is easy for me.”
“Welcome home, Sir.”
“Thank you it’s great to be home.”

Fantastic gear, all of this. Top shelf stuff.