Amazon Prime Video Series ‘Hanna’ Is The Badassery Our Binge Queues Need

If there’s one thing that the world absolutely needs right now, it’s more stories about women being almighty and powerful, and oh man, I just really love it all. Whether it’s a whole buncha butt-kicking or just having a hectic attitude of, “I’m in charge m8”, I wanna see as much of it as I can.

So it should come as no surprise that I got a massive kick out of watching ‘Hanna‘, Amazon Prime‘s latest series about a teenage girl who was raised in the woods to be a savage and self-sufficient boss.

If the name is ringing some bells in that brain of yours, it’s probs because you’re thinking of the 2011 flick of the same name. This series however? Totally ups the stakes and has defs earned itself a spot on your must-binge list.

Here’s why.

It’s all about female empowerment

One of the absolute best things to come out of this new series is that it definitely puts the female talent smack bang into the limelight. Hanna (played by Esmé Creed-Miles) is this ridiculously cool, calm and collected badass who was raised by her father in the woods without any experience beyond the tree line.

No, seriously. This is a girl who had never heard of a Snickers bar, let alone a text message or Snapchat. But it makes no difference because she’s wickedly smart, super aware and frankly, could kick your ass into next year.

Hanna has some seriously sick moves

Speaking of kicking asses, Hanna’s physical prowess is beyond impressive. She looks totally unassuming – like any other teenage girl who’s shy and quiet. But when it comes down to it, she’s a pocket rocket that can take down a bunch of attackers on a whim. She’s that good.

She’s got her father to thank for training her up in the woods, with a rigorous regime of strength and combat training. Nothing like not having internet and a phone to leave you looking for ways to occupy your time.

The whole mood is gritty AF

One of the biggest differences between the movie and the new series is that the series is a heck of a lot edgier and darker – and I think that it works so much better with the general mood. The darker edge allows the series to get a lot deeper into the core of the story and the tension is so much higher.

Plus tbh if I was gonna be raised in the woods with just my dad and a tree to punch, I’d probably be a tad darker too. Gotta give the gal some credit where credit is due.

Hanna will be available to stick your eyeballs to on March 29th, so get yourself ready for Amazon Prime Video to be the destination for your next binge. You’ve got a bit of time to prep yourself so maybe take a few fighting classes to get into the Hanna spirit – or hey, find a good tree.