Bachelor in Paradise‘s Resident Dude Alex Mckay says he regrets giving his rose to Keira Maguire after hearing what she had to say about him behind his back.

Alex departed Horny Island ahead of last night’s couples challenge after he and Keira agreed that they didn’t have a romantic connection.

Speaking to Courier Mail, Alex said he probably would have sent Keira home after hearing what she had to say about him.

“You see people’s true colours in that room when no one is around. They can blame it on editing but you say what you say. It shows who the really nice people are when they are talking behind your back,” Alex said.

“Hearing how Keira spoke about me I probably would have sent her home. I probably would have given [his rose] to Keely [Spedding].”

But at the time, Alex thought he was making the right decision because he didn’t feel a romantic connection with Keely or Cass Mamone.

“I did say if it came down to a friendship rose I’d be picking [Keira] and I am a man of my word,” Alex said.

Alex absolutely saw through Cass’ bullshit, by the way. In Monday night’s episode, Cass decided to pursue Alex in a final bid for a rose, despite never having shown any prior interest in him.

“She was one of the first girls I took for a chat and she made it clear the age was an issue,” Alex said. “So for her to turn around and say she was always interested in me, it was a red flag. I knew her intentions.”

Anywho, Alex said he’d be keen to do reality TV again. Although, if he appears on Paradise again, he might skip swimming to shore to make an entrance.

“I thought with the power of TV they would make it look like I swam in,” Alex shared. “They got a kayak and took me out 150 metres. I was gassed. I was more worried about getting there alive.”

Image: Network 10