Brittany Hockley Says Timm Hanley’s New GF Made Him Block Her On Instagram After Paradise

Brittany Hockley Says Timm Hanley's New GF Made Him Block Her On Instagram After Paradise

Brittany Hockley quietly left Bachelor in Paradise last night after deciding to leave hand in hand with Timm Hanly. The gist is Timm recognised that being in Paradise was turning him into a big dickhead so he decided to leave and pursue a relationship with Britt on the outside. Except, well, that didn’t happen. Turns out Timm dumped Britt almost right away.

For context here, Timm hopped on Hobart’s Hit100.9 with Jimmy & Nath this morning to chat about life after Paradise. He confirmed he and Britt split ages ago and that he has since gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend.

“This was the girl I was with for six years before The Bachelorette,” he told the station, “we just got back together a couple of months ago.”

But while Timm didn’t expand on the end of his relationship with Britt, she did fill in some of the gaps with us. Here’s what she had to say on the topic.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Were you frustrated that people kept asking you to keep Timm in line during all that drama?

Brittany Hockley: Oh, absolutely. It’s just 100% not my job – in 2020 as a woman – it’s not my job to keep A) a man in line and B) someone I had only just met. I’m still learning who he is as well. I’ve known him a few weeks max. And he’s a 28-year-old man, he’s an adult, I shouldn’t have to rein him in. Can you imagine if I did? All of a sudden it would’ve been, “Brittany’s so controlling”.

I just think in this day and age, it’s not a woman’s job to tell her partner what he can and can’t do, what he can and can’t say, and what is and isn’t acceptable. I think everybody needs to take some responsibility for being an adult and manage that on their own.

PTV: Absolutely, so can you talk me through leaving Paradise?

B: It just wasn’t the right environment for us anymore. We weren’t going to grow as a couple. For Timm, the environment wasn’t right and it was bringing out this bad side in him that he was unhappy with. So he asked me to leave with him and I didn’t even hesitate. If you want to be with someone you’re always going to support them and be by their side, it just wasn’t a question for me not to go with him.

And then when we left, it really took a turn and deteriorated rapidly. It was quite disastrous. It wasn’t what I expected. I thought he really wanted – I believed everything he said to me and I believe that he wanted to try something on the outside and that he really had these strong feelings for me but we only ever saw each other once.

He was just a different person. He didn’t want to try, he didn’t want a relationship, he didn’t treat me like the way he treated me in Paradise. Who is this person that I’m speaking to right now?

So we only saw each other once and it was so disappointing and really hurtful and then I never saw him again.

PTV: Did he ever explain why his mood shifted so rapidly?

B: He just said – I mean, it’s stressful for sure. You come out and you can’t publicly be together. We know that going in, you know that. So he came out and he said it’s too stressful, he said that he didn’t handle being in the public eye so quickly.

He’d only just come off The Bachelorette and was thrust into Paradise and then thrust into this limelight and I don’t think he’d ever had this much tension. So he just started partying. He just wanted to party. He didn’t want to be locked down in a relationship, he wanted to go out and be free and that’s certainly what he did.

PTV: So I heard that he blocked you on Instagram, is that still the case?

B: Yeah, so he contacted me only just when the show aired for the first time. We were not speaking, there was nothing going on with us, and then he blocked me on social media for no reason. He has since told me that it was his girlfriend that made him do it. She’s really insecure about it, which she has absolutely no reason to be. I’ve never contacted him again, we didn’t speak on social media, and I was really quite offended by that. I just thought, “You’ve got no respect”.

I’m happy he’s happy, but he just did not handle any of it well at all. But we’ve both moved on and I haven’t thought about him like that in a long time. When someone behaves that way, it’s pretty easy to move on, but I want to move on from the whole franchise right now. Now that’s done, I just want to get on with my life.

PTV: So you wouldn’t do The Bachelorette? There’s been some talk about it from fans.

BThe Bachelorette is different. I wouldn’t do Paradise again, but I’d do The Bachelorette. You’re in control and I’m just – I’m so close with Laura Byrne, we have a podcast together, and I’ve seen what it can do. She’s engaged to Matty J and she’s got a baby. I know that it can be successful so I would have a lot more fun and faith in The Bachelorette than anything else.

Interview aside, the latest episode of Britt and Laura’s podcast is now up. Have a wild guess what it’s about.