Affordable Version Of ‘Back To The Future’ Mag Sneakers Now Available

For fans of one of the greatest movie trilogy’s of all time it’s easy to get jacked up at the thought of owning a Back To The Future replica anything. There’s demand. Nike know there’s demand and will be answering that demand on the 8th of September, 2015 – a most auspicious of dates – with the release of the Nike Mag sneakers made famous by Mr. Marty McFly.

In the meantime, and considering that the price will likely be somewhere in the realm of $UNAFFORDABLE, a costume store has a somewhat budget version on sale.

Priced at a perfectly reasonable 98 (US) bucks, stock of the NO FRILLS Mags understandably just got wiped out but they’ll be back ‘Early November’.



Head HERE to get in line.