Nike Confirms ‘Back To The Future’ Self-Lacing Sneakers Will Be Available This Year

Great news everyone, the infamous kicks that gave Marty Mcfly cred in Back To The Future II will be available to purchase this year, according to Nike’s Tinker Hatfield.

A sign of respect dealt to the dedicated fans of the trilogy that was, the Nike Air MAG (complete with self-lacing ‘power laces’) will be released in 2015, the same year that Mcfly and Doc traveled to in Back To The Future II, a relatively 80’s-inspired tech utopia in which hoverboards are the norm, food hydrators make pizzas enormous, and self-lacing sneakers are the fashion accessory du jour.

Hints about the release have been dropping for a cruel 4 years – which surely no glorified fan merch should warrant, but hey, power laces – with the initial announcement being made back in 2011. This time, the announcement was made with a similar lack of details on the when and the how much, but we’d hazard a guess that the release may well land on Back to The Future Day, aka October 21, 2015.

Can’t wait for this.

Via Mashable.