Abbie Chatfield’s Very Own TV Show Is Now On 10Play And It’s All About Love And Sex


Abbie Chatfield‘s very own TV show has just dropped on 10Play and it’s all about love.

The first episode of Abbie Chats is now available to stream as part of Channel 10’s pilot week as one of six shows.

10Play kept the idea behind the show pretty under wraps with just a short blurb released late last month.

“Abbie Chatfield is on a mission to explore, understand and reveal worlds not commonly seen or heard from on television,” it said.

“Abbie dives into two opposite ends of a subject, bringing her signature unapologetic brand of curiosity, passion and authenticity along and asking all the questions the audience would never dare to.”

But now we know the show is all about the different ways people feel and express love.

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The first trailer dropped on Monday and shows Chatfield interviewing visiting a porn film set to watch how one’s made, as well as interviewing a group of asexual people about what asexuality means to them.

Chatfield also shared the trailer on Instagram and comments were very supportive, including one from her former Bachelor co-star Matt Agnew.

“So good. Cracking title for the show too,” he wrote.

As well as Abbie Chats, there are five other pilots coming to 10Play.

One of the big highlights IMO will be Courtney’s Closet, an interview series hosted by Courtney Act where she gives her interviewees drag makeovers.

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Another will see comedians Gen Fricker and Ben Russell host Time To Die, where two comedians have to write fkn terrible stand-up sets for one another and perform them into front of a live audience. My secondhand embarrassment will have a field day.

There’s also Dinner Guest which features Narelda JacobsMelissa Leong and Susan Carland discussing big topics over the dinner table and sounds fkn excellent.

The final two shows are The Bush Blonde Vs The World, a sketch comedy series starring Nikki Osbourne and The Love Experiment, where pairs of strangers are matched and have to ask each other ~intimate~ questions.

The pilot showcase launches July 4 on 10Play if any of those shows tickle your fancy. Frankly I’m hoping to land an invite on Courtney’s Closet, ‘cos I’d bloody love a makeover.

Abbie Chats is available to stream here.