The 5 Best Eps Of Grey’s Anatomy To Rewatch If You Want Your Tears To Rival La Niña

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has had us in an absolute emotional chokehold for 16 years now. But, seriously, where would we, as a culture, be without Mr Patrick ‘McDreamy’ Dempsey? Or Snow Patrol’s all-time smash ‘Chasing Cars’? Or the genius thing that every episode title is named after a song?

In a world of chaos, Grey’s is the only constant, and for that we are grateful. Seriously, it’s the ultimate comfort re-watch, and luckily for us, Disney+ is now streaming every episode of the classic show. I know La Nina has messed up our Hot Vaxxed Summer plans, but IMO, I couldn’t think of a better time to soak up the gross weather than basking in the aircon while watching GA re-runs.

To celebrate the drop, we’ve compiled our five fave episodes to set your nostalgia running wild and prime your heartstrings for a real tugging when you begin your Grey’s rewatch journey this summer.

‘Death And All His Friends’ – Season 6, Episode 24

Lauded by some stans as the most intense Grey’s episode there is, the Season 6 finale has all the hallmarks of what makes the show fab. The second half of the two-part finale episode centres around a shooter who goes on a spree throughout Grey Sloan Memorial and results in an absolute flurry of palpitating drama. Seriously, there’s so much packed into this ep that ends on an absolute belter of a cliffhanger too.

‘As We Know It’ – Season 2, Episode 17

Another two-part banger (which is even more incentive to tuck into a rewatch, IMO) that nabbed showrunner Shonda Rhimes one of her many Emmy nods. The ep revolves around Dr Bailey’s painful labour, an explosion, and the reunion of a few key relationships — it’s just a classic in the back catalogue.

‘Flight’ – Season 8, Episode 24

Ah, another season finale. No wonder we’ve been reeled in again and again for 18 seasons now. During this episode, the gang find themselves in a plane crash (!!!) and are left fighting for their lives — seriously, the DRAMA. While this episode has a heart-breaking death, it does round out with that classic Grey’s homely, sentimental vibe.

‘My Shot’ – Season 16, Episode 8

This more recent ep proves the show has genuinely not lost its spark over the years. Meredith is faced with the reality that one of the judges on the panel determining the fate of her medical licence is the doctor responsible for her husband’s death — the bloody tea is scalding.

‘Losing My Religion’ – Season 2, Episode 27

It’s the freakin’ ‘Chasing Cars’ episode. There’s not much else to say — just watch the scene. 

You can stream every episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Disney+ now