INCOMING: 5 Aussie Actors Slated To Smash It In Tinseltown This Year

There’s something about us Aussies that the yanks froth on, and it ain’t our completely non-existent love for Vegemite. In fact, producers, directors and casting agents love us so damn much that the concept of an Australian making it huge in Hollywood is kinda just ~the way it is~ now. So why are we here? So glad you asked, oh curious one. It’s because I’m a good person who gives a damn about home-growns killing it. SO SUE ME.

Below’s who we reckon is about to make Margot Robbie-style waves in the light, camera, action arena from our very own land that’s girt by sea.

Samara Weaving

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Samara Weaving is having a bloody moment. You might remember her as Indi Walker on Home & Away – who married stud muffin Romeo Smith (Luke Mitchell) after he cheated on her with Ruby Buckton (his IRL wife, Rebecca Breeds). Ain’t soaps fun! I digress.

Since leaving Summer Bay in 2013, Samara (who is Hugo Weaving‘s niece, mind you) has been paving her way in Tinseltown. This year, though, was MAJOR. She was unforgettable in oscar-winning Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, as a series regular in drama SMILF, a main character in Foxtel’s hotly anticipated drama Picnic At Hanging Rock and you might even remember her as the babe-central in Charlie Puth‘s ‘Attention‘ music video. I dunno about you, but I reckon Weaving’s about to join her other high-profile H&A alumn like Chris Hemsworth and Isla Fisher in 2018.

Katherine Langford

Straight outta Perth, Katherine Langford had to be one of the biggest breakout actresses of 2017. Her role as Hannah Baker, while problematic in a lot of ways, was easily the most talked about and thrust her into a scene she previously hadn’t been a part of. Earlier this month was her very first Golden Globes. In 2018 she’s slated for her debut major film role, Love, Simon, and we don’t think it’s a coinky-dink that it’s happened straight after people were welcomed to her tapes. Could she be our next Rose Byrne? MAYBE.

Keiynan Lonsdale

You mighn’t have heard of Keiynan Lonsdale but he’s doing big things in the bright lights and has been for a lil’ while now. He’s been in some biggies like Insurgent and Allegiant, or maybe you know him from that local Dance Academy show you heard about but never actually watched.

Was he on Home & Away and Neighbours like Tinseltown’s other Aussie expats incl. Naomi Watts and Margot Robbie? Nup – but he was on All Saints, and anyone involved in a show that included Eric Thompson in his daddy prime is notable imo. Oh, Keiynan’s also going to be in Love, Simon alongside Katherine.

Kodi Smit-McPhee

Aside from having one of the greatest names I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing, Adelaide-born Kodi Smit-McPhee is smashing acting roles left, right and centre. At only 21 he’s been in multiple major blockbusters including The Road (alongside Charlize Theron) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and ParaNorman (Anna Kendrick), and has some other big-ass roles coming up shortly.

In 2018 his part in X Men: Dark Pheonix with Jennifer Lawrence (joining the costar ranks of Liam Hemsworth here) and Jessica Chastain, as well as flick Alpha, will come out, and he’s also set to be the lead of book-adaptation Tunnels.

Angourie Rice

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Alright, it’s another youngin that’ll make you wonder what you’re even doing with your life. Angourie Rice is Australia’s answer to Dakota Fanning, I guess, because while she’s only 17 she’s been acting since she was a bèbè 9-year-old.

While you made remember her as the little girl who dunked a pinga in Aussie flick These Final Hours (truly a cooked film – watch it) or as Holly March in Nice Guys with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, we think the world’s about to recognise her for her upcoming lead role in Every Day. Coming out next month, it’s one of those young love movies that seems to get all the teen viewers in an obsessive tizzy. So yeah, we reckon she’s about to be a big deal.

We hope Hollywood’s ready for their next wave of Aussie expats, because these five stars are coming in hot. To see the Aussies who have truly made the big time in Hollywood (like Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchett) watch Foxtel‘s Aussies In Hollywood Pop-up channel. It’s got everything from Logan to Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Bad Neighbours 2 – see the full list of movies here. The new crop will be joining these big guns in no time.

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