10 Boss Is Set To Cop Another Name Change Just 6 Weeks After Its First One

Here’s a wild one for you: A little under two months since Channel 10 rolled out the red carpet and announced OneHD would be changing its name to the head-scratching new moniker of 10 Boss, network officials are being impelled to inflict another name change on the network due to a lawsuit brought against them by Fairfax Media.

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The story goes that shortly after it was announced, the name 10 Boss and its branding caught the ire of Fairfax officials, who believed they had trademark on the term thanks to the BOSS Magazine liftout in the Australian Financial Review.

While 10 did initially push back on the legal action, it would appear they have relented, agreeing to back off on the 10 Boss name which will instead, from tonight, be known as 10 Bold.

In a statement issued to press this afternoon, Network 10 comms framed it as a Christmas gift to Nine/Fairfax officials for… y’know… some reason.

Anyone that knows 10, knows we’re no Grinch. So in the spirit of giving and as an early Christmas present to our friends at Nine, we’re flicking the switch to 10 Bold. That’s right, from tonight 10 Boss will become 10 Bold. We think it’s better to be bold than bossy.

We want to start 2019 fresh with a great suite of channels and with brands that work. We want to focus on creating great content for our viewers.

It’s a bold move we know packing up 10 Boss as a present to Nine but we know it’s the content and the attitude you love about the channel and that’s not changing.

No other aspect of the digital multichannel will be changing; just the branding itself.

And thus ends the latest deeply weird chapter in Australia’s ever-bonkers media industries.