5 Very Rational Reasons To See ‘The Lion King’ & Yes, Zaddy Simba’s A Given

The Lion King daddy Simba

I know everyone talks about how attracted they are to Simba and how devastating *that* death is (we’re spoiler-free in this safe space), but my personal highlight of The Lion King is hands down Zazu.

The dry sarcasm. The sass. The British accent. Those eyes (what?).

So it’s understandable that I had a minor conniption when I found out that my other fave, international treasure John Oliver, would be playing Zazu in 2019’s The Lion King.

A match made in heaven. Two peas in a pod. Birds of a feather, if you will.

Zazu aside, here’s everything else I’m hankering to see when I finally sit down in the movie theatre (accompanied by the deli meat hidden in my backpack).

Boy’s gotta eat.


I don’t have to tell anyone that the lengths the animators went to to make this movie look like a David Attenborough doc are ridic.

The detail. I’m by no means a techy person but even I can appreciate that the tech behind this is mammoth. Did we even know it existed? Why didn’t anyone tell me, a novice? I should’ve been a priority.

The burning question remains though – if I still find the life-like bugs as appetising as the cartoon bugs, do I need to pursue some form of counselling?

Time will tell.


I’d like to think that Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen became best friends in real life after this because once you’re bound by Timon and Pumbaa blood, there’s no going back.

From the whisperings I’ve heard from everyone who’s already seen The Lion King, Timon and Pumbaa’s banter was high on their list of A+ moments, so I’m amped all the way up.


Call me a masochist but I am so ready to have my heart broken again by the most iconic death in movie history. No exaggeration here people, keep walking.

Am I slightly concerned it’ll open old wounds from my first viewing of The Lion King? Absolutely. Am I going to disregard those concerns and watch the scene with a morbid smile etched on my face? 100%.

(I definitely will not be smiling though, I just wanted to look cool in front of all me m8s. I’ll be an absolute mess who’s just relieved the cinema’s dark enough for people not to see me.)


Is it wrong to secretly root for the villain? Because I’m secretly rooting for the villain.

All Scar wanted was a slice of that king pie, and unlike his British counterpart, Prince Charles, Scar’s actually being proactive and doing something about it.

Good for you Scar, you little go-getter you.


If you thought I was going to write an entire article without including a Beyoncé gif then sucked in, chump.

I’ve already listened to The Lion King soundtrack on repeat and I must’ve done something right in my life, because I 100% deserve to listen to Beyoncé and Childish Gambino dominate the classic tunes.

Also, because I’m generous and loving, here’s the brand new music vid of Beyoncé’s Spirit:

Disney’s The Lion King is already in cinemas so move thy tush.