PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Disney to look back on all ya fave Disney and Pixar flicks.

Before I get down to it, yes it’s okay to be attracted to adult Simba and yes you’re not the only one. Case in point:

Undeniable babe.

If you ask anyone who their Disney crush was growing up, you bet they’ll shout a name at you within .5 seconds – people have some incredibly passionate thoughts on the matter.

I get why it’s a slightly embarro subject for some though – they are (mostly) animated, after all. Therefore that makes them fictitious and nobody can date fictitious hotties in real life, no matter how badly you may want to.

So, let’s just gaze at all of the attractive guys, girls and animals from Disney films. We might not be able to date them but we can definitely appreciate them.


I know it was technically called The Hunchback of Notre Dame but let’s call a spade a spade – this was Esmeralda‘s show.

I mean sure, you root for Quasimodo and you just want to give him a big hug, but if there’s something mesmerising about Esmeralda using her wit to evade the po-po on every occasion.


Not gonna lie, I thought Flynn Ryder was a complete dunce for a good 30 minutes into Tangled. He was arrogant, incredibly shallow and would 100% marry himself if that was a plausible option.

Turns out, being arrogant and incredibly shallow are traits I’m willing to get over if someone’s really, really, ridiculously good looking. Plus, he turns out to be a solid dude so I’m not even mad at myself.

Side note: I know this movie is more recent, but aren’t we all still growing up? Yeah, cop that deep tidbit.


Find me a couple who hit the gene-pool jackpot more than Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. Impossible – they are two perfectly drawn specimens.

And I mean I dunno, I’m a sucker for anyone who has a lot of baggage and having a curse placed on you by a salty witch is enough baggage to get this guy intrigued.


I tell ya what them (cartoon) baby blues, the illustrator definitely knew what he/she was doing.

I know that most people fell in love with Ariel – she can sing, she can swim, she can walk (occasionally) – but Eric wasn’t so bad himself. It doesn’t hurt either that he’s a tad clueless, that’s what makes him so endearing.


I never thought it’d be possible to have a crush on a candlestick, but here we are.

It’s impossible to ignore Lumiere‘s charm and warm nature and the fact that he always provides romantic lighting is a bonus. Plus, he seems to wear his heart on his sleeve which is always an endearing quality.


A General who teaches Mulan everything she needs to know, and who falls in love with someone for their personality rather than their appearance? What did we ever do to deserve Shang?

(Also, he’s pretty jacked.)


Those skills and choice of attire – ‘nough said.

Image: Disney