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Perk up your ears Anna Wintour, I have a request and I don’t plan on wavering.

Now, the Met Gala is no stranger to bold themes – just the past few years they’ve had CampHeavenly Bodies and Fashion In The Age Of Technology – so I’m officially submitting a motion to make the next Met Gala a Disney affair.

You’re baking my scrod here, Anna. Make it happen.

Hear me out: do you have any idea how many options people would have if you had a Disney theme? Literal thousands. They’ve already gone and done an entire couture collection, for crying out loud.

I also truly believe that the chance of people dressing alike would be cut in half given there are so many ways to interpret Disney characters, which would also pique viewers’ interests.

Would you also pay attention to the celebs who’ve previously gone? They’re absolutely dying to do a Disney theme. Some of them, I suspect, have even ignored the assigned theme and gone as Disney characters anyway.

I have proof, too.


Ooft, Anna, how do you feel about Zendaya straight-up swerving your theme and going as Cinderella instead? I’d be fuming.

If celebs are just going to ignore your guidelines anyway, just give the people what they want.


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ok ok, last one i swear????????‍♀️

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If this isn’t Tinkerbell‘s doppelganger then I refuse to acknowledge what is.

Madelaine Petsch has clearly borrowed heavily from the Peter Pan staple and that’s indisputable facts.


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Two whole years before Zendaya channelled Cinderella, Elle Fanning took a red hot crack.

Considering Dakota 2.0 actually stars in Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil just proves that our gal would 100% be in attendance if you gave the Met Gala a swish of the Walt wand.

Do you want Elle to boycott the next Met Gala because you refuse to let her spread her wings, do you Anna? Think about it.


I’m going out on a very sturdy limb here by dropping this bad boi:

That is all.


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mood via the black frozen

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This is a conundrum. I’m well aware that Rihanna wore the Belle-esque dress a solid 27 years after Belle herself did but c’mon, it’s Rihanna – she’s not out here jacking people’s style coz that’s just not her, well, style.

Let’s just boil this one down to a respectful tie – Belle was inspired by Rihanna (who would’ve been three years old when Beauty & The Beast came out), and Rihanna was inspired by Belle.

Listen to the celebrities Anna, Disney is so en Vogue right now.

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