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When I become prime minister, I’ll make it a law to celebrate Christmas all year round. No festive lights? 40 years in prison.

Sure, it might kill the fun if people are acting jolly because they fear imprisonment but it’s the most wonderful time of the year™, why do we only get to experience it for a few short weeks? Absolutely ludicrous, if you ask this hypothetical politician.

Solid campaign slogan

Because of my undying love for the holidays, I often find myself sitting there in the middle of July, powering through Christmas movies while my housemate weakly attempts to hide their disgust. Some say the look of disgust is unrelated and more about me as a person in general, but I know deep down that it’s because I’m watching an “out-of-season” film.

The point is, the masses seem to judge us anti-Scrooges when we dare to watch holiday movies when it’s not technically the right season, keep our trees up past the grace period, or say ‘Merry Christmas‘ to strangers on the street in March.

Shame. Shame on everyone who chastises someone for simply being spirited. There are countless Christmas movies out there deserving of rewatches any day of the year and I’m taking a stand: watch what you want, when you want. Don’t listen to the Bah Humbuggers of the world.

So, here are a few deadset classics along with my reasoning as to why they don’t deserve to be shelved for nine months of the year. Fair warning, my reasoning is sound so prepare to be convinced.


The story of a rich, heartless man who gets scared into being a semi-decent person is a classic – Christmas-themed or not. It taught me that no matter how cold and unapproachable an elderly person may be, if you dress up as a ghost and taunt them for a long enough period of time, they’ll eventually learn to be better.

Plus, this is the only movie where you’ll see a 3D Jim Carrey, so go ahead and show me a non-Christmas movie which offers the same viewing experience. I’ll be patiently waiting in my reindeer sweater.


Arguably not even a Christmas movie (it is, it 100% is), The Nightmare Before Christmas ticks all the boxes.

Moody Halloween setting? Check. Death? Check. Cracking tunes? Check. Romance? Check. Tim Burton? Check. Cute puppy sidekick? Check.

Quite literally everything you ever want to see in a movie is in The Nightmare Before Christmas but no, feel free to deprive yourself of this delight in April because it’s not ‘Christmas season’.


I’m a sucker for a Freaky Friday-esque plotline and The Santa Clause more than delivers, except instead of a teenage girl and her mum you’ve got Santa and a dad.

In essence, The Santa Clause is really a tale of a dad trying to connect with his son and if you can’t relate to that outside of December, all hope is lost.


Plot: a young man is left stranded in the desert without any money and has to race against the clock to reach his family before…well…Santa comes.

Look, as far as Christmas movies go, this one’s a nailbiter. Who, may I ask, doesn’t love a good nailbiter of a flick? No one I personally want to know.

I could go on (and part of me thinks I should) but I believe I’ve presented a flawless argument with supporting evidence as to why a) Christmas movies are designed to be enjoyed all year round and b) I would make an A+ leader of Australia.

Choose me, or the fire.

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