One would hope that by now you’ve realised we need to shake up our lifestyle to be more eco-friendly, but the path to doing so isn’t always so obvious. Enter Australia’s largest sustainability expo, Eco Expo – returning to Brisbane next week and bringing with it a bunch of cool new stuff to help save the planet.

Once you’re there you’ll find everything from a Vegan Market, food trucks and cooking demos to DIYs and guest speakers. However, anyone who’s ever dreamed of getting off the grid will be keen to hear that the father-son duo who make up  The Tiny House Guys will be showing off a couple of their small, eco-friendly houses.

Still not sure what the hell people are talking about when they say ‘tiny houses’?

A tiny house generally is a dwelling on wheels which is less that 50-metres squared in floor area,” explains Rick Keel of The Tiny House Guys.

“We build tiny homes on wheels that include full-size showers using standard construction methods overlaying them with caravan requirements so they can be legally registered and towed on the roads.”

They’re such a big deal because not only are they adorable, they’re offering a very real solution to living more sustainably.

I think people, in general, …possessions and other people’s perceptions aren’t as important as once considered,” says Rick, “People are more ecologically aware than ever before.”

Not to mention the improved affordability.

Building a static granny flat in your back yard usually incurs many council fees and inspections as well as groundworks like concreting…this can be tens of thousands of dollars… [but] that value [isn’t] added on top of your current property value,” Rick explains.

As a developer, I can see an opportunity for the tiny house movement to take advantage of an entirely new way of living.”

Is this an exciting prospect to me, a person who has basically accepted that she’ll never own a house? Hell yeah. Also for the planet and such. Want to know more?

Rick will be just one of 150 exhibitors at the Eco Expo from the 13th to 15th of September. Nab your tickets from here.