Let’s be real, if you’re all loved-up you just want to be alone with your partner surrounded by beauty. Preferably also with wine and snacks. What better place for you lovebirds than a romantic getaway in Queensland? From the coast to the country there is not only boundless beauty, but many places which are so eye-wateringly beautiful are still all but undiscovered – somehow – so you won’t have to worry about other people.

To be honest, all you’d need to do is get in a car and start driving to find a swell place to be all mushy together, but if you really want to impress yourselves/ each other and get into the romantic vibes, I – a ridiculously hopeless romantic – strongly recommend a weekend in these spots.

Vlasoff Cay

There’s something inherently adorable about picnics in general, but my dudes, you can up the ante and have yourselves that picnic in the MIDDLE OF THE GREAT BARRIER REEF. Yes, capitalisation was 100% necessary. To me, this is the coolest thing. Imagine, a little flight over the reef, popping out onto a small island. Nibbling cheese and sipping rosè on a red and white tablecloth, dipping your toes in the ocean once you’re done.

Seriously if anyone is ever planning on proposing to me, it’s almost 100% guaranteed I’ll say yes if you do this.

Mt Tamborine

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Those shampoo ads are dreamy af for a reason. That reason being they’re always under a rushing waterfall in a tropical rainforest setting. Well, hello, that is Queensland all over. But in particular, it’s Mt Tambourine. The atmosphere can only be described as tranquil, and the greenery of the mountains hides several beautiful waterfalls. If you and bae are hoping to take a dip, you should break up your explorations at the refreshing Cedar Creek.

Also, please take the very important note there are wineries, breweries, and distilleries here. So basically it’s the whole romantic package an easy day trip away from Brisbane.

Cape Tribulation

If you don’t think the whole ‘rainforest meets the sea’ thing is exotic and alluring then you are clearly missing all romantic bones in your body so you need to just listen to me. It is.

For starters, there’s no reception, so you and boo can cut off the outside world. Then there’s the fact you’re in the middle of Daintree National Park surrounded by rainforest that’s an impressive 180 million years old. THEN add to this scene the fact that you walk out of the rainforest right into the ocean, where you’ll find the Great Barrier Reef. That’s two natural wonders of the world to frame the natural wonders of your relationship.

Boodjamalla National Park

There’s a reason everyone seems to love a good outback romance in the movies. The seclusion, the red earth, the heat causing a light sheen on your lover’s skin. It’s hot guys.

Which is why I 100% recommend a long weekend around Boodjamalla National Park where you guys can explore the wild and spot wildlife together, but also where the spectacular Lawn Hill Gorge runs through the middle so you can jump in before things get too steamy. Nothing like making out in the shadows of high, red walls to make you feel like you’re the only people in the world.

Zoe Falls

How about a bonding hike, helping each other succeed in reaching the summit of Zoe Falls, at which point you’ll strip off to bathe in a natural infinity pool while looking over the lush green rainforest and rolling mountains of secluded Hinchinbrook Island. Yep, I said this idyllic paradise is secluded, and I meant it. Only 40 people are allowed to explore the island at one time, to maintain its beauty for years to come.

If this isn’t one of those *forever* moments, I don’t know what is.

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