There’s no denying gin has undergone a few branding facelifts over its time. Considering it was once downed by medieval peasants to ward off the plague, its glow-up to inner-city bar staple is pretty impressive.

Now, a Brissy distillery has taken it upon themselves to cough up the ultimate boozy combo, distilling a brand new gin with wine. I imagine the drink exudes the same energy as if Will & Grace and Absolutely Fabulous were to have a crossover episode, the chaotic energy would simply spin the earth off its axis.

This New Sustainable Gin Is Made Out Of Wine, So Drink Up To Help Save The Planet

Created by purveyor of the plonk, Jason Hannay of Imbibis Spirits in Ipswich, the QLD-native has now brought his 20-years of experience in wine-making to the delicious world of spirits.

Imibis’ whole thang, is that their spirits, gin and brandy are all crafted with grapes and wine, adding that touch of tangy, fruity pop to all ya grog. Hannay’s decision to include wine and grapes in the crafting of his spirits was part of a conscious effort to be more sustainable – more of this, please.

Gin is generally brewed with a wheat base, and, because of ya know, climate change, wheat crops are currently under threat due to rising temperatures and can also contribute to increased erosion of the land. By using a wine base, Imbibis are eliminating this step in the gin making process and ultimately, making their product more gentle on Mother Earth.

Apparently not all of the vino produced actually makes it to bottled status, so instead of it sadly going to waste, Jason and co. started distilling it into gin – seriously, how did someone not think of this earlier?

The are 16 delicious locally sourced ingredients used to create Imbibis’ Clarity Gin concoction, including citrus, lavender, cinnamon, and Juniper pine, so you’ll literally feel like you’re taking a delicious sip of South East QLD.

If ya feeling supersonic and need a Gin and Tonic but can’t make your way to Ipswich, you can purchase a bottle of your own from The Gin Boutique and make your Saturday arvo cocktail sesh just that little bit more environmentally friendly.

Image: Imbibis Craft Distillery / Instagram